Celebrating 20 years of great food!

Oct 05, 2020  

What started off as a humble a sweets shop in Little India in Toronto's east is now one of Canada's leadto provide the highest quality of products in the industry. The beginning of this new era for Brar's marked ing ethnic food companies. Brar's was purchased, from its original owner, by Dial Pabla in 1991 with a vision the start of an important change - all products (such as samosas) were prepared fresh every day and no leftovers were carried over to the next day a huge change from the standards that most other competitors in the industry operated at.

Mr. Pabla believed in no compromise in quality at any cost. He wanted his products to be the benchmark of premium quality and it is this dedication that led to Brar's becoming famous not only in the GTA but all over Canada. As the demand for our products grew, over time we expanded our catalog to include a wide range of dairy products, sweets, and samosas.

Today, Brar's consists of three restaurants and a full-size production factory, all of which are based out of Mississauga and Brampton. We proudly supply fully Canadian made paneer, ghee, makhani and a wide range of samosas and mithais (Indian sweets). For two decades, all our products have been crafted with care and using only handpicked, top quality ingredients. We take great pride in the quality of our products and the authenticity of our recipes. This sense of pride and respect for our customers keeps us committed to continue the traditions that have been followed for the last twenty years at Brar's.

All along Brar's has been a trusted name in countless households. Our restaurants have been meeting places for so many families and they have chosen us to be a part of all their celebrations and happy memories. It is this trust that our customers have in our brand that makes us a company to be proud of.

Brar's is a company that cares - about Its customers, products and employees. Although we're primarily a food company, our responsibility to make the world a better place extends far beyond the food we produce; from the people we work with (our employees, vendors, and partners), to the world we live in.




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