A samosa for every mood

Oct 05, 2020  

What is it about a samosa that makes for a perfect snack? Is it the filling? Is it the crust? Or is it the happiness coming from biting into that crunchy crust filled with a steamy and flavorful center? We figured it's hard to decide what exactly makes a samosa so desirable. So, we decided to bring the happiness of eating samosa even when you're in the mood for a different flavor! Here's introducing the newest members of our cocktail samosa family-

Feel like having a Dosa but also in the mood for a plate of crispy samosas? We've got you covered with our new Dosa Masala Samosas! They are filled with a masala dosa style potato filling encased in a classic samosa crust.

If you've been thinking about some cheesy jalapeno poppers, you are sure to fall in love with our Jalapeño & Cheese Samosas! They're filled with the goodness of our Mozzarella cheese and have that kick of jalapeno you've been longing for. And guess what? All this is packed in a classic samosa crust!




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